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Welcome to Deer Cliff Inn!

Since 1940, Deer Cliff Inn has been a family-owned and operated restaurant in the heart of scenic Cub River Canyon outside Preston, Idaho.  Over the years, the Inn has become famous for its chicken, trout, steaks, onion rings and honey-buttered scones.  In addition to offering its guests delicious food with country hospitality, the Inn has become well-known throughout the region for its cozy cabins and live entertainment and dancing on the weekends.  Deer Cliff Inn is nestled beside a mountain stream and overhanging cliff.  The Inn offers dining on the patio next to Cub River surrounded by dense maples under the summer sky. It also provides catering for groups who are looking for something unique.  The Inn borders the National Forest with mile after mile of breathtaking scenery.  Nearby you will find many lakes and reservoirs, fishing, hunting, hiking trails and campsites.


Deer Cliff Inn is located on an old Shoshone Indian campground known as Watercress Springs (the restaurant uses the watercress as a garnish for its dinners).  The cliff above the restaurant was created by an ancient volcanic mudslide five million years ago.  The cliff was named Deer Cliff after some young men from Franklin Fort were sent to obtain meat for the winter.  In order to kill as many as possible they surrounded the deer, which made the deer panic and run over the cliff. 

The business was started before WWII by Tyra Hull and her brothers.  With the help of her husband, Roy Eichert, Tyra's two daughters Joy and Gay, her many nieces and devoted employee's, Deer Cliff has stayed in Operation for over 60 years.  The restaurant is now under the management of Joy and Jim Dougherty.

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